Friday, June 11, 2010

memorial day

We went to Wyoming for Memorial Day, as has become tradition. It's always fun to have an extra day to stay and play. Kevin and Jackie came as well but for some reason I don't have any pictures with them! I took most of the pictures on Sunday night and Monday after they had already gone home. We had fun though and the girls had a blast playing together. Five little girls ages 4 and was crazy!

Emi had a blast playing in the entertainment center

She also loved giving rides in the baby stroller to anyone who would take one

I think these two will be best friends in another year or two (they love each other now but the age difference is still pretty pronounced)

Kylee modeling the outfit I got her on my trip

Sunday night we went on the mountain and did fireworks. Look at the look on these two's faces...looking over their stash and deciding what to light first!

this one totally backfired and scared me to death!

me and Adam

Derek and Michelle

me and Mish watching the boys shoot fireworks at each other (seriously)

Aunt Michelle and the girls enjoying the sun on Monday before we left to come home


derek and michelle said...

I had so much fun that night. It was fun to talk around the fire, even though the s'mores were crappy. lol

Deirdre & Caitlin said...

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun...Emi's getting so big!!

Kenny, Shan, and Brookie said...

Hi! Just getting caught up on blogs. So fun that you got to see Bethie. I love you girls. Emi is such a cutie pie with her little bald head. I also really enjoyed the post of ten things about you. Fun to get a glimpse of who you've become since we've taken off in our lives since being roomies. I loved that time and always think of it fondly. Miss you. :)